Tailbone tilted, pressing on the colon

Danielle - shenchcliffe@hotmail.com

Posted 2011-27-24

First I want to say thank you for this website Jon! It was my ah ha moment reading about the surgery. My tale started in 1999 when I was 14 years old and I broke an oak step with my rear end. They said it was not broken but from that moment on my pain and bathroom issues started. Over the years I have fell several more times on my tailbone and the pain just got worst and worst. However after giving birth in 2009 and 2010 and losing around 70 lbs the pain became unbearable. I made several trips to different Emergency Rooms. I was always told my tailbone wasn't broken and sent home. Finally one wonderful ER doctor told me that my tail bone was in fact positioned in a way that I would near surgery. This was in March 2011, I sorta blew it off because I couldn't imagine what a surgery could do for my tailbone I thought it was like breaking a toe...just have to wait for it to heal.

Well finally in June when I got medical insurance I took his advice and scheduled an appointment with my primary care so I could get a referral. I picked up my xrays and report and it said that my tailbone was at "90 degree anterior tilt" and that it was a "traumatic" injury. Then I saw for my self the image and was floored. My tailbone actually healed in this position....AND NO DOCTOR EVER BOTHERED TELLING ME! My primary care was floored at the image and at this point I did my research and found this website and knew to find a surgeon that did this surgery and already had an appointment set.

On July 14th 2011 I met my angel, Dr. Larry Parker at The Orthopedic Center in Huntsville, AL. He walked in and looked at my xray and said it was by far the worst tailbone he has seen in his career of 22 years!! He said that if anyone needed the surgery it would be me. He was also concerned with the fact the image showed it in my colon. So he sent me to get a CAT scan with contrast. Luckily it has not punctured my colon but it is pushing on it. With these test results to make sure a colon surgeon didn't need to be present they called to schedule my surgery.

JULY 27 is the beginning of the end. I have surgery on this day. I will keep the site updated on my progress. I am asking for your prayers. Til next time


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