90 degree angle after falling


Posted 2011-04-02

I just recently had a very bad fall on my tailbone that was so painful I actually blacked out for a second, and when I went for an X ray the next day, they told me my tailbone wasn't broken or cracked but bent at an almost 90 degree angle! I've never had an X ray before so I was told they have no way of knowing if it was the result of the fall, or if it's just a birth variation. I'm just a little concerned because they said I may not have an easy time during childbirth if I ever get pregnant, so I was wondering if I need to be careful during intercourse as well.

I also wanted to know if it was the result of the fall, will I always have some discomfort sitting now? How likely is it that I only bent and did not break my tailbone from falling anyway? Thanks for reading, I would appreciate a response as I've never hurt myself like this before and worry far too much!

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