Sitting properly is the key


Posted 2011-02-13

I am 51 year old male. I started having pain in the tailbone about 4 months ago. First I noticed the pain while getting out of my car. Then I discovered that the tip of my coccyx is tender. The pain got worse with time. I am sitting up to 10 11 hours a day in the car and in the office. It become a real problem sitting. I never had pain while standing, but sitting, especially on soft chairs, or getting up became problems. I tried everything possible: Aleve, Neurontin, ring cushion, massages, manual manipulations, creams. Nothing helped. Until last week when I read the article on (site no longer working)

This is what it says: "The tailbone was not meant to bear weight, though most Americans sit directly on it, especially when at the computer. The tip I have is this: when you are sitting, direct the weight to the sit bones. The sit bones are the two parts of the hip bones that stick down. They are what you sit on when you roll onto one butt cheek. What you want is to sit on both at the same time and let the tailbone float free of weight. The way you do that is, while you're sitting, make sure your back is erect. Then roll the pelvis forward, which will arch the lower back slightly. This should lift the tailbone up and relieve it of its burden. This might be a little hard to maintain, but with practice, it will do wonders for your lower back."

It was a miracle. The pain was gone immediately. I bought lumbar supports. You will find all kind and sizes: for your car, office, etc. Get cushion not for your butt, but for your back. I didn't have to suffer for 4 months; and I would still suffer, if not for this simple common sense advise.


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