Severe lower back pain, is anyone else in the same situation?

Anonymous -

Posted 2011-05-15

I have had severe back pain since I was a child, it got worse when I was about 13, after a severe beating from a parent. I have been kicked repeatedly, throughout my childhood, the last time being when I was the age of 18 (I am now in my 20s) with steal toe capped boots. For years I suffered in silence, but now the pain is beginning to affect my entire life. I have had two children, and carried them with immense pain, and now after two big healthy babies (8 lb 3, and 10 lb), my back has suffered even more. Looking after them is hard, my husband is great and looks after us as much as he can, but he is at work all day, and I am left to care for my babies all the while suffering pain.

I can't sit without pain, I can't stand for long periods of time either without experiencing a burning pain in my lower back. My back is sore to the touch, and even looks swollen, like the injury has only just happened, where the pain is I have faint purple skin, almost like a bruise. I cant twist my body, as that causes even more pain. The pain is also in my hips, and bottom. I have has sciatica on and off running down my left leg, and pulling at the muscles near my ankle, and now I have had tingling throughout both legs. Laying down no longer eases the pain, so I don't get much sleep anymore either. As I sit the pain feels like its travelling up my spine, a burning sensation, that stops just below my shoulder blades.

I have been to see a doctor when I was having my first child, and they said that they thought that my tail bone may be broken.- they couldn't be sure because while pregnant I couldn't have an x-ray. I have been to see my doctor (UK) recently, and told them what I thought the causes were, hoping to get an x-ray, so at least I know exactly what is damaged, but they have only referred me to physiotherapy, and counselling over my traumatic childhood. I haven't had counselling, I don't see how that will stop my pain, but I have had physio, which has made the pain worse, not better. Every two weeks, the physio squeezes the sore areas and I cry with the pain, and I have to do some exercises to strengthen my stomach muscles - I had to have a c-section with both my babies, the surgeon said that I could not give birth naturally because of my spine. The physiotherapist has already told me that she can not fix my spine, she can only strengthen my stomach muscles so that it takes some of the pressure off my back.

So here I am, years later, still in pain, having had no x-ray. Still no one knows exactly what is causing the pain. I have asked for an X-Ray, but the doctors etc just keep putting me off. I just wanted to know if anyone else is in the same position, or can relate to the same symptoms that I am having, so I might have an idea as to what it actually wrong with my back.

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