I found how to have a good quality of life from suffering Coccygodinia.

Fernando Lara - f.lara.antunez@gmail.com

Posted 2011-02-13


My name is Fernando Lara, I am 33 from Malaga (Spain, Europe). I had a fall from my chair at work due to a "joke" from my job mates in 2004 (they lowered down my chair so when I tried to sit down I fell down). I experienced a lot of pain in the coccyx for 2 weeks so I went to the doctors. After X-rays they told me that everything was OK and maybe I could suffer coccygodinia. The pain was so intense that I quit from my job and stayed laid on a bed for 3 weeks more. I tried anaesthetic shots that works for 1 or 2 days, the "wc shape chair cushion" for every chair but it wasn't enough for me to have a good quality of life.

But I DISCOVERED that I felt less pain being seated on sofas or armchairs (I recommend you to go to any store and try to seat on different sofas to find the one that works for you), so I experienced less pain while being seated on that sofa and after a few months (3 or 4) I found that I could be seated on ANY CHAIR without having several pain as before. Coccygodinia affects on nerves so this treatment is for the rest of your life, cuz your nerve is damaged but it will be aiding your pain day by day, YOU SHOULD FEEL less pain than before and a better quality of life.

Resume, BE SEATED ON SOFAS OR ARMCHAIRS the most of the time you stay at home (I don't use chairs for my computer, I seat on my bed or my sofa) and after 3 or 4 months you will feel less pain than before and you could seat on standard chairs for more time, but NEVER quit from seating on Sofas or Armchairs (you will take care of your nerves doing that).

I hope it will works for someone cuz I suffered this pain for 4 years, Thank you very much.


Fernando Lara

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