Coccyx injury - treatment by manipulation

Kathy -

Posted 2011-01-16

I injured my coccyx when I slipped and fell down stairs in October 2010. My GP first advised over the phone to just wait and give it around 8 weeks to heal up, using painkillers as necessary. However, as I was still in absolute agony after a week, I eventually managed to secure an appointment at the surgery suspecting a fracture, the GP agreed it might be beneficial for me to see either an orthopaedic surgeon or a chiropractor. However, she was unable to recommend anyone who might be able to address the problem!

I came across Dr Griffiths from the Sayer Clinic (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) on this very website. He practises both at the Kensington clinic and at the Broadgate Club located close to Liverpool Street. After a couple of X-rays conducted in Kensington, a fracture was indeed diagnosed, and I have subsequently been receiving regular treatment up until Christmas (every 1-2 weeks). Dr Griffiths used gentle manipulation to move the coccyx back into place (granted not the most pleasant of experiences, but instant relief guaranteed!) as well as a mix of ultrasound physiotherapy and acupuncture to correct muscle stiffness.

I'm now about 90% recovered - I can sit on hard surfaces and chairs without the use of a cushion, driving remains a great source of discomfort but I am hopeful things will improve given time. I'm also back to a near normal fitness routine including running, swimming, and pilates.

Dr Griffiths has been absolutely fantastic throughout - he possesses a very good knowledge of coccydynia, together with a great sense of humour that certainly helps put patients at ease, and can provide a wealth of advice. I expect to keep on seeing him around once a month for the foreseeable future, and would highly recommend his services to anyone suffering from a troublesome coccyx area!

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