Not finding a solution in Saudi Arabia

Mohammed -

Posted 2011-07-03

I am Mohammed Ahmed, a man, Jeddah. Saudi Arabia. 24 years old. Now I completed the third year of constant pain because of the coccyx. There is no obvious reason.

I remember my childhood days I often lay on the bottom of my back (coccyx points) while watching games and playing PlayStation and watching movies. I did not feel any pain.

About 6 years ago was the first time I felt pain. I was unable to sit on solid ground. This continued a week and then disappeared. I returned to the curved seating (at the point of the coccyx). I continued a long time and I remember that the pain returned the year after. Then disappears.

In the summer of 2007 I was playing with my brother and then crashed into a wall at the bottom of my back, I felt very severe pain. I left my brother and I went to sleep, before sleeping I directed the air conditioner to the bottom of my back (coccyx center). When I woke up suddenly I found I cannot ever sit down from the intensity of pain in the coccyx. This was the real beginning the pain .

Started visiting doctors and all of the work of X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging. Results of a scan shows everything correct, no injuries. Every doctor said I have to take calming pills or injections, but they did not benefit me anything.. I visited the rustic doctor and he massaged my back and told me that there is a small break in the coccyx, gave me the oil of his own making and used the oil for two weeks.

I felt much better, almost 90%, but after the improvement I decided to travel a distance of more than 1000 miles away, after I finished the travel my health deteriorated and the pain returned again.

I have visited doctors here and there, but without any benefit. Some say you should play sports. Some say stay away from the sport. Some say continued physical therapy and massage. And avoid sitting for long times. I've tried physical therapy in hospitals, but there is no benefit.

In all these the last period and I sit on a pillow, a circular (donut). I tried cortisone injection without any significant benefit. There Dr. said he should move a little place coccyx. And also did not take advantage of this process.

Sometimes I feel I am in no excellent without any pain. Sometimes I feel no feeling in my feet. Sometimes I feel severe pain in the coccyx and sometimes a little pain. What are the reasons I do not know exactly. All the Dr. did not give me any solution.

Now 2011 and I still suffer from the same pain with the exception of the emergence of pain in the buttocks to the foot between each period and the period.

I'll go to America (Alabama) in August to study. And perhaps find the necessary treatment there.

Ask God to heal me, Thanks

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