Pain has flared up in pregnancy

Lisa -

Posted 2011-01-02

As a kid, about 10, I was riding a horse at camp, which bucked. I went up in the air, then fell hard on my tailbone, on the saddle. While I didn't have debilitating pain, it was uncomfortable, sore and hard to sit, for many weeks. Sometime later a doctor did an x-ray, and told me I had fractured my coccyx bone. There was little advice for what could be done, at least not that I recall, as I was a young kid then.

Today, at age 43, I have had dull pain varying in intensity throughout the years. In general, it can be hard to sit for long periods of time. The injury seems to have never healed. Now, pregnant for the first time, it has really flared up and is becoming increasingly uncomfortable. I'm concerned about it getting worse over these coming months, being due in June 2011, and wondering if it will be a problem in birth, and beyond.

I'm interested in hearing from anyone who noticed the problem return, or get worse, during pregnancy. Advice about how to deal with the problem welcome.

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