Microcurrent Therapy

Kim - Wescotmom@aol.com

Posted 2011-03-20

I have been really suffering with the very same issues that a lot of people have written about on this site. Even did a nerve block in February.... Tried the Estriol cream etc...... You name it I've done it. Frankly I have been miserable as nothing has worked.

My massage therapist told me about Microcurrent therapy and I was very skeptical. VERY... After meeting a lady that has been in horrible pain through out her body and has gotten complete relief from this I thought to myself what do I have to lose. So last week I started. It only takes 15 mins.

So far I have gotten complete RELIEF from Microcurrent Therapy. I got relief from the 1st treatment and I've only had 3 so far. I wanted to share this in hopes of helping someone else with tailbone issues.


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