Success with operation, then return of pain

Bonnie -

Posted 2011-06-29

My name is Bonnie and I am 28. I have had coccyx pain since I was 13. I was diagnosed with 'coccydynia' when I was 15. The first x-ray I had showed that my coccyx bone was turned upwards. Since neither my mother or I could ever remember a fall or injury in this area, the doctors assumed I was just born this way and as I hit my teens the coccyx just started to cause me pain.

I have had 3 manipulations, each one unsuccessful. Unfortunately the manipulations just made the coccyx unstable and made the pain worse. I was referred to the 'Pain Clinic' where I was given a course of steroid injections. This didn't help either.

My pain in my coccyx has caused other problems such as sciatica, aches in other parts of my back where I have to sit in weird positions so the coccyx doesn't hurt and muscle spasms.

I have also had physio therapy and acupuncture. As well as being on Codeine and Tramadol for several years.

In March 2009 I asked to be referred to a surgeon I found through After a brief chat with him, he advised that the best course of action would be to have the coccyx removed. I had my coccyx removed in September 2009. The recovery was long, painful and slow. After 12 months I was completely off ALL painkillers and thought I was fixed! This only lasted for 3/4months. Imagine my upset when things then just went from bad to worse.

It's now been 21 months since my operation and my back is not any better. The pain I used to get before the operation has returned, it's painful to lie down and sit down. The area of the bottom of my spine frequently 'throbs' with pain. I am still having physiotherapy which is helping with the sciatica and muscle spasms. I also have a new pain! JOY! My pelvis feels frequently 'sore' and 'achey'.

I am certainly not living the life of a 28 year old. I used to be a party girl, love going out and dancing with my friends, now I spend most weekends 'resting'. I have had copious amounts of time off work. If there is a big night coming up, I know I am going to pay for it a few days afterwards. Don't even speak to me about wearing heels. That is a no go!!

I have gone back to my surgeon, he is sending me for another MRI scan and then I have to go back to him again in August. I am praying for a miracle as at present, I feel like I have a bleak pain filled future.

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