Long term pain finally reducing


Posted 2011-05-08

Around 20 months ago I fell backwards down a slope, bouncing a couple of times on the way. I experienced immediate pain in the whole area around my coccyx. I have an office job so it was particularly hurting at work all day long.

I first went to see my GP just a couple of weeks after the fall as all the bruising had gone down, but the pain in my coccyx had not reduced at all. I was told to take ibuprofen for the first three months. I found ibuprofen gel worked a bit to reduce the pain but obviously that isn't permanent. When I went back after no improvement I was referred to the physiotherapist within the GP surgery, who gave me a course of acupuncture (6 treatments). I thought this had helped at first but it gave me no long term improvement. Then (by this stage 6 months after the fall and much complaining to my GP) I was referred to my local hospital for a steroid injection. When I saw someone at the hospital they said they didn't recommend the injections, so I didn't have one. I asked them to x-ray the area, which they did. They x-rayed me lying down on my side, and from the front (from which you couldn't see the coccyx at all). They said there was nothing wrong! After yet more pestering I was referred to the physiotherapy department at the hospital. By this stage the pain was gradually spreading up my back and was causing me problems even when I wasn't sitting. They gave me lots of exercises to do, and set me to a pilates type class. I did feel like these helped the general strength of my back, but didn't improve my coccyx at all. When I said this to them they signed me off, saying that as I had some improvement if I continued with the exercises the pain would eventually go.

After all this, a couple of months ago I booked to see Dr Michael Durtnall at the Sayer Clinics in West London (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). He seems extremely experienced in this field and is very approachable. In the first session he x-rayed me standing up from the side and back, diagnosed the problem and gave me various treatments (internal manipulation, acupuncture and exercises). I could feel an immediate result. Michael has also been helping me with my posture and other back problems in the same appointments. Thanks to his treatment I can now sit down without pain for several hours, and am improving with every session. I have now had around 6 sessions and feel like I could be almost pain free after a few more.

I urge anyone reading this to not waste time with the NHS, book and see a specialist. Waiting to see if they will do anything will make your problem worse. The treatment isn't half as horrible as it sounds and it's well worth it.


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