Surgery with Dr Robert Carbin

Jane -

Posted 2011-08-28

As the result of a slip and fall on ice back in Feb 2009, I suffered severe neck trauma and a broken coccyx. For 2 years, I lived with extreme discomfort and pain, trying to find a specialist who could help. In October 2010, I found Dr Robert Carbin [as of 2012, Dr Carbin is no longer carrying out surgery]. He performed a coccygectomy in January 2011. My full recovery period was about 6-8 weeks with no surgical complications. I would highly recommend Dr. Carbin to any one in need of this surgery.

My recommendations for anyone who has to undergo this surgery are: 1) to purchase a raised toilet seat for the first few weeks, 2) to get up and walk a little just around your bedroom or hallway once you are home, every few hours. It helped recovery tremendously. 3) Start taking stool softener such as senokot or laxaday- a few days prior to your surgery and then everyday after for a few months.

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