Lower back and tailbone pain

Lee - leeyid24@hotmail.com

Posted 2011-09-18

Hi All,

In February 2011, I started getting terrible lower back and tailbone pain, I have never felt pain like it in all my life, So obviously I went to the doctors about it and they just gave me a load of pain killers and told me to come back in a week if things did not improve. After two days the pain started getting a lot worse, I was in agony and went straight back to the doctors and demanded an MRI scan, they put me on morphine patches which made no difference at all.

I was getting desperate and starting to feel depressed as this had gone on for about 4 weeks and I felt no one was helping me. I then came across the Sayer clinic website and was reading most of the reviews on doctor Michael Durtnall (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London), and all them came across very positive. I rung up and booked an appointment.

When I got to the Sayer clinic and started explaining my symptoms to Michael he took an x-ray of my lower back and coccyx and spotted the problem straight away, (Why couldn't my GP have sorted this out for me?) He told me that I had a worn disc at l5 and that my coccyx was out of place. He then started to go to work on cracking my back and pushing my coccyx back into place, and the end of my appointment he gave me a load of exercises to do which I carry out every day, after about two weeks I started to feel much better.

It is now late August and I can say that I had a little episode with my coccyx and my back gets a little sore from time to time, but with the exercise's Michael gave me to do I can say that I have manage to keep the pain under control. For anyone else who is in pain or suffering, I highly recommend Michael Durtnall at the Sayer clinics in Kensington London.

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