Pedal fell off exercise bike

Fatma -

Posted 2011-03-06

I have been teaching spinning/indoor cycling at a gym for the past 3 years. 3 weeks ago I was instructing a Friday morning session, I was standing on a ''hill'' when suddenly the pedal of the bike simply fell off the bike. I had my feet in the straps of course, whereupon I lost control and fell slam onto my butt onto the seat. Naturally I was livid, in pain, and very upset. I announced that this would be my last class at that gym since I had repeatedly asked the manager to pay more attention to ''maintenance of the bikes''.

At that point, I was still OK, did not feel too much pain.. however, by the time I drove home I could not get my legs out of the car or walk and the pain was unbearable. I was taken to hospital for an Xray by my husband, and it showed that I had a severely dislocated coccyx.

Long story short, I was put under anesthesia and the Orthopaedic surgeon attempted to replace the coccyx. However, the surgeon came out of OR and spoke to my husband telling him that there was too much damage to the ligaments and that the coccyx would simply not stay in place. It was too loose and he advised surgically removal of the bone. My family agreed, putting their trust in the Dr., and it was removed.

The strange thing is that I would have never thought that a fall like mine would actually dislocate a coccyx 90 degrees out of the spine in the direction of the rectum! At least that's what the Xray revealed.

So, to all Gym owners out there, I plead that you maintain your machines. A fall like mine was completely unnecessary and goes back to pure negligence. I am in recovery now and doing ok. The pain from the surgery now almost 4 weeks ago is like a dull tooth ache, and I hope will subside with time. I would love to go back to my sports and activities but need more time to heal completely I think.

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