I just wanna be able to sit down and get up like everyone else

Theresa - iluvsabrez29@aol.com

Posted 2011-02-27

It began in August. I'd sit on the computer chair for hours and it would kill to get up. I figured it was just from over using my back or something in field hockey, so I just stretched more than usual and figured it'd be gone soon. However, in September, school began and it became unbearable; I was wincing in pain every time I had to get up.

I went to the pediatrician who just thought I had a pulled hamstring, so I was sent to physical therapy. They said I would only need a couple weeks of appointments but I signed up for 2 months anyways. The 2 months went by...still in horrible pain, so I went back to the doctor who sent me to a orthopedic surgeon. He diagnosed me with cocxycitis and told me I'd have to use a donut in school. I've been walking around with this giant red inflatable tube "my booty tube" for 3 months.. I still get crazy looks and lots of comments, but it doesn't bother me anymore, I'm just sick of it. lacrosse season is around the corner and so far I'm still allowed to play, but it's not gonna be easy, and field hockey isn't looking good for the fall. I'm so sick of this. I'm 16, I just wanna be able to sit down and get up like everyone else. ~Theresa

Update, 2011-10-09

Since I've last written in, I've seen my neurologist (who I've seen previously for my migraines). I described my pain to him and he told me it didn't sound like a problem with the bone. He told me I probably had a pulled or torn coccygeal ligament and recommended injections. He gave me three, and minutes later I felt relief. I felt great for the next 5 days and then they wore off so I called in to get another set done the next month. The next time I went in, they hurt much more. I went to lacrosse practice after though because I figured the pain would go away soon. By the time I went home, I was bleeding a lot which hadn't happened last time and by night time I was in so much pain I couldn't walk or roll myself over in bed. It was by far the worst pain I've ever had. The next day the pain slowly faded but I decided I was done getting injections.

After a few months, I finally decided to see one of the specialists recommended on this website, Doctor Moreland (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, New York). After checking me out, he told me my coccyx was fractured and it'd be in my best interest to get a coccygectomy. I'm planning on getting my surgery done in the winter so it doesn't affect sports or school. I'm pretty scared about the surgery and would love to hear from anybody.


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