Coccyx pain caused by beatings when a child

Anonymous -

Posted 2011-05-08

I have had coccyx pain since childhood. I have leaned forward in any chair I have sat on for my whole life. I developed pain in my back which also attributed to my leaning forward in a seated position. It seemed to get worse over the years until I went to get an MRI and the doctor located the spot between a disk in my back and the nerve it was sitting on. It was a three minute procedure with a local anesthesia. It was cortizone steroid which pushed them apart.

Fantastic, no more back problem. BUT, I sat up straight and my coccyx bones didn't like it. Like I said, they hurt as long as I can remember and now that I sat up, it was worse. Doctor asked me if I had any trauma, fall on it, whatever. The only thing I could come up with was the constant pounding that that area of my backside took on a regular basis from my mother from early as I can remember until about 14. It was not spankings. It was beating that area with whatever happened to be handy like wooden objects, toys, razor straps, rulers, paddles, etc. It was so painful I would have to put my hand in the way to protect further damage. Those daily beatings made it difficult for me to walk or sit in class. Again, most of the time I leaned forward for relief.

The doctor put more steroids there and are waiting a couple of weeks to see if it worked. If not, they suggested partial removal of the problem bone.

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