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Shaunda -

Posted 2011-11-20

Hi I am Shaunda and I had tailbone issues after being bucked off a horse and severing the tailbone. Over the next couple of years I suffered until I couldn't anymore and had the surgery, carried out by Dr. Carter Beck (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Monatana). It was done Outpatient and the pain was not more than I had before surgery. I even quit taking pain meds on day 2 post surgery. By the first week I felt great! I could sit, stand, bend, etc. with next to no pain. I could just tell that something had been done there. The only issue I had was that 2 weeks post surgery I ruptured the incision (about 1/3 of it) so that was uncomfortable and had to have bandages and antibiotics but it was just uncomfortable and I never took pain meds. I am still on restrictions as I haven't reached the 3 month mark for full activity release. I will update again when I get to that point.

A doctor once told me that pain is too qualitative, what one person believes is a 10 is a 4 to someone else so doctors have to rely on tests. I wonder if people are having the blocks before surgery and getting the confirmation of what is causing the pain, that and technique may be why it sometimes turns out great and sometimes not so much. Of course that excludes those who just have really bad luck/complications.



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