My tailbone is going to give me a hard time

Vicky -

Posted 2009-02-08

I remember that in April, 1987, I fell backwards and landed on my tailbone. It hurt me so much that I couldn't walk too well at the time, but I did nothing other than take Excedrin and a nap. I never did go to the doctor.

So in September, 2008, out of the clear blue, provoked by nothing, my tailbone started hurting me, again so much that I couldn't walk without holding on to things and/or people and eventually needed crutches. That lasted for about a month. The closest I came to a diagnosis was "intractable sciatica". But in my tailbone???!!!!

What helps for me is the special cushion that I got during that time.

Damn, now it feels like my tailbone is going to give me a hard time yet again...only now, because of the dialysis graft I just had put in my right arm, crutches will be out of the question. It better not get that bad again, because if it does, I won't be able to walk--period, since I can't use crutches this time.

I'm glad I ran into this site, so I can share my tailbone experiences.


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