Angled coccyx breaks through the skin

Monica -

Posted 2009-03-08

Hi, my name is Monica. I broke my tailbone in 2003. It is now 2009. I went for some help 2 days ago. The doc won't touch me. I broke my tailbone snow boarding and it go 90 degree angle the wrong way. I have a very sharp end that sticks out. It hurts so bad. It now keeps breaking through the skin.

The doc says I have 50% chance of having a infection with surgery or with out. He told me he won't remove it. He can't remove it all. So now what do I do. It hurts so bad and brakes open my skin so I always have a cut in my crack.

Update, 2009-03-15

Hey it's Monica!! I am so glad to tell you, (thanks to you all) I found a doc that is going to remove my tailbone. He took one look at my pic's and CAT scan and said I should have done this back in 2003. I told him the other docs didn't want to touch me. He didn't even blink twice and said let's take it all out next week.

So Wednesday the 18th it will be gone. I am so happy. After this I should be so much better. I can't even tell you. I couldn't have my son naturally because it went into the birth canal. Also it was blocking my bowels. So you can image how I felt. Thank you all for your stories. I will let you all know how I do.

Update, 2009-03-22

Hey its Monica. My surgery went well. I went in March 18th at 1.30 and left the hospital around 9 that night. I hurt a little yesterday and today and that's all. Well, I fell off my bed and hit my butt, now that hurt bad. The only think that is really bad is that I itch so bad from the drugs. I also overdid it today. So tonight I hurt.

Make sure you just stay in the bed for a few days no matter how you feel. Well I will up date on Monday when I get the bandage off.

Well, today is Saturday. I got my tailbone removed Wed the 18th. I hurt so bad today, I was doing fine until I thought I could get up and do stuff. Well, Yesterday I ripped a stitch and bled.. So listen to the doctor when he says stay down for two weeks. I didn't have a lot of pain till now. I wish I would listen.

Other than that I am doing well. I still haven't had a BM. I have been on laxatives for 4 days now and nothing. So I am a little scared about that. For all that are looking to get it done. I would say get it done now don't wait. Make sure you get help. I have a 2 and 1/2 year old and it is hard to keep up with him. That is why I over did it. Just make sure you have help for 3 weeks. Make sure stay in bed. Be served everything. Only get up to use the bathroom. Good luck and hope my story helps you all.

Update, 2009-04-05

I'm glad to say that Creig MacArthur (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Utah) was a great doc.

I got my stitches out March 31st. The area healed awesome said the doc. I am a slow healer so that is great news. I still hurt pretty bad where he had to cut and reshape the bone that stuck out. He told me to take it easy, don't sit longer then a few minutes. He also said try not to ride in cars. Just stay down has much has I can and it will heal faster. Well, for me that is hard. I have to keep up with a 2 year old that always wants me to play.

I would say to who ever does this do not work for 2 months stay down. Also take supplements and laxatives. I lost 10 pounds because you don't eat that much. The doc said that was normal. I really didn't need to lose the weight. I feel a little weak and sick. I was skinny already so just be careful and try to eat good. I didn't go to the bathroom for 2 weeks. The doc said it was because I was burning more then what I was eating. Also my body was fighting because I was scared.

But it wasn't that bad. Good luck to you all. I would say everyone go to my doc. He has a new way of doing the surgery and his patients are responding very well. Plus everyone is healing much better.

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