Great pain relief after injections

George Fordham -

Posted 2009-06-14

I have been having problems with coccyx pain for a little over a year. After going through a local pain clinic and trying meds and a back injection, there was no relief. I found Dr Foye (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, New Jersey) in Newark, NJ after an internet search. I was very impressed with his understanding of my problem and his professional approach. My pain always would come from sitting and was especially bad as I began to stand up.

In August, 2008, I had my first injections from Dr Foye. The local anesthetic worked immediately, but of course was of a short duration. The corticosteroid began to kick in after about 10 days and then I was pain free. The effects of this lasted about six months for me. After that the pain returned. I delayed seeing Dr Foye again (my mistake) until May of this year. By then the pain actually was worse than before. It was constant while sitting and nearly unbearable while standing up. This time, even after the initial, local, anesthetic wore off, I experienced some relief on the next day when I flew home. After two weeks, I am experiencing no pain at all. I have no idea of course how long the pain relief will last this time around, but to me it was well worth the second trip. I will go back to Dr Foye without reservation should I have a recurrence of my coccyx pain.

George Fordham

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