Lumbar extender seemed to help


Posted 2009-10-04

I'm writing this hoping it will help some of you suffering with coccyx pain. My pain started while driving to and from work. I sit 8 hours a day and drive 1.5 each day. Not sure if this is what caused the pain, my bad posture, or if I became injured on a roller coaster. The pain became very intense and I could no longer sit without some kind of tail bone cushion, but even that didn't help with the pain.

I went for x rays and everything looked fine. Then I tried doctor Gotlin (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, New York). He first sent me for x rays, then I went nine times to see him for manual treatments. This was a far train ride for me and very expensive. Not a good experience. This didn't help me at all. My experience was similar to AJ's experience, I got the feeling that I was just another patient that he didn't really have time for. After that I tried a chiropractor. After some adjustments, the pain got better but then came back again.

Finally in January I started using a lumbar extender after reading Brandon Smith's post. I would lay on the extender for 5 minutes two times a day for about 5 months. After this my pain got much better! I would say after 1 month I could sit for longer periods of time. Now over two years after the pain started I can lay down without any pain and sit almost all the time at work without pain (on the cushion).

One thing that no one mentioned on this site, when I wear tight pants it really bothers that area. I try to wear comfortable clothes. I use the cushion whenever I can and make sure my posture is always right when sitting. So unfortunately I don't have an answer to what has made my pain improve. I think it might be a combination of all the time that has passed, the lumbar extender and improving posture. I still get some pain & I'm trying all I can to make it go away for good.

Hope this helps because I was helped greatly by other people who wrote on this site! The doctor told me to get my tailbone removed. So glad I didn't!

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