Coccyx pain after surgery for pilonidal cyst

Nick -

Posted 2009-12-13

My name is Nick and I am a pilonidal cyst sufferer. I got a pilonidal cyst about 3 years ago and had surgery on it (flap surgery) to excise the wound. Yet, I was still having pain around the area. The pain feels like an ache at the tip of my tailbone and sometimes feels cold.

I tried living with it, but the pain would get worse the more I sat on it throughout the day. So I had exploratory surgery done where the doctor found a bone spur on my coccyx and shaved it down. Then he lapped some fat over it for cushioning. Unfortunately, the scar split open when I went back to college and its had problems closing ever since (6 months of it open; and it doesn't look like its gonna close).

I went for a second opinion to a colorectal surgeon. He explained to me that it wasn't going to heal and that he wanted to try a cleft lift surgery. I had surgery about 2 months ago and there's still pain. I can only sit for about 10 minutes before the dull pain comes on. I'm thinking about getting my coccyx removed (coccygectomy).

Questions: I was wondering if anyone had success with a coccygectomy? Has anyone had a bone spur after a pilonidal cyst? Is anyone's pain as specific as mine (seems like a toothache, except at the tip of my tailbone)? Could there be more cyst hiding under my tailbone?

All help is appreciated.

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