Not sure what to do?

Craig -

Posted 2009-09-20

About a month ago I was driving home from work and suddenly got a twinge/small pain near my Coccyx. Not thinking much of it I carried on as normal, a few days past and I noticed from time to time it would do the same thing. Cutting a long story short, it gradually got worse over the next few weeks and I did find it hard to sit down at some points because I seemed to always catch it, it felt almost like sitting on a marble.

I'm now into the 5th week and while I don't really feel pain when sitting/standing/lying it still feels quite sore, I often notice when standing up after sitting down for a while that its quite tender and sore. I have no idea how or why I've got this pain, I can't think of anytime that I knocked it or fell on it etc.

I've resisted going to the doctors so far as I presume I've just bruised it, if it was broken/fractured I guess I'd be in alot more pain. I'd like to know if there is anyone else with a similar story and what they did about it/how long it took to recover? It's got a little annoying after 5 weeks and not sure what the next best step too take is.

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