Coccyx adjustment cured the problem

Amanda -

Posted 2009-02-07

Hi, I would like to add my experience to your site as I found it so useful when I was having this trouble. I would like to thank the people on the site who kindly replied to my emails when I was going through this.

I started getting pain at the start of 2007 and had no idea why. It hurt me to sit on soft surfaces, but I could manage to sit on a hard surface only if I sat on one cheek or the other. I could drive, but only if I leaned over the steering wheel. The doughnut cushions you can buy offered no comfort to me. As one can imagine it was also very limiting in the bedroom. I went to my GP, I stupidly let him talk me out of having an x-ray or a scan down to the cancer risk of being exposed to x-rays and so had a few months more of pain, I allowed myself to be fobbed of with anti-inflammatory tablets and a referral to physio, I was given stretches to do, which helped but didn't fix it. Again I went to the GP, who then referred me to a rhumatologist, who kept putting back the appointments, I actually had resolved the problem before I got the appointment with that specialist! I also went to see a physio privately who gave me more stretches, again they seemed to help, but not fix it.

Only as a last resort I went to see an osteopath who was a friend of a friend, Darren Chandler of Bow Osteopathy, (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). Straight away he diagnosed a subluxation, he suggested that I had an MRI scan to confirm his diagnosis. He referred to me a place near Waterloo station on a Saturday lunchtime, I was charged an off peak rate of about 250, worth every penny. It did indeed show a subluxation, the last bone in my spine was at a right angle! No wonder it hurt to sit on it! I cannot begin to explain the relief of finally knowing why I had been in pain, I finally had some hope of there being light at the end of the tunnel!

I very quickly had it put back in place anally (40ish). This was a simple painless procedure, it honestly did not hurt at all to have it put back in place. Straight away I could sit normally for the first time in months! It was a bit tender, and I needed to have the procedure done three times before it finally stayed in place. Now I have been pain free for well over a year! I cannot believe such a simple thing could have been undiagnosed by no more than four professionals before Darren saw me! Now I can drive, go out and eat without having the dread of sitting on a soft chair.

I would urge anyone with this problem, if they are anywhere near the London area to go and see Darren! If you are nowhere near Darren, insist on a scan or find an osteopath who will give you a private referral so you don't have months of unnecessary pain on an endless waiting list. I have been meaning to add my story to this site for ages, but I have been far to busy going out and about sitting in all the places I couldn't before! Good luck with fixing that tailbone! Don't give up hope!

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