Is a real pain in the butt!

Anonymous -

Posted 2009-02-22

Is a real pain in the butt! I've only had it for 3 months, yet it feels like forever! I feel so useless! I've always been a pretty active person and now I am so tired of being bored and in constant pain.

Back in July I started a new job where I sit for about 9 hours a day and first the pain started in my lower back, but I'm not really one to wimp out. So I just kinda moved around a lot and blew off the pain, until I found if I layed back in my chair with my legs straight out, my back pain eased up. Well come to find out the doc says that how I injured my coccyx bone! Cortiazone didn't work, nor Ty #3's and tramadol should be an OTC because it's pretty useless!

I've asked my doc to just take it out but he just kinda laughed it off and said it wouldn't make the pain go away completely! Is that true? Does anyone know of a doc in Georgia.? Heeellllpp PLEASE!!!!!!

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