Tailbone pain since 2005

Derith - derithg@yahoo.com

Posted 2009-12-13

My tailbone pain started in 2005. I started doing antique shows in about 1996 with a friend and did very little lifting, then started doing jewelry shows alone in 2005, so I had to do all of the lifting alone. I started having trouble sitting due to butt/tailbone pain. It felt like a tail was trying to break through my skin.

Then on March 16, 2009 I hit two poles in the parking lot of my job right after getting off of work. I look down for a second and my mirror on the driver's side hit the first pole and the side of my truck and the truck bed hit the second pole turning my truck from going next to the poles to the side of the poles. I hurt my upper and lower back. The tailbone pain became a consistent pain.

So that is what I have gone through so far. I can't sleep in the bed. I sleep on the floor. I have an office computer job so I have every specialty pillow, cushion, and donut on the market. I work standing up, on my knees, and on different pillows. I also have my side business I make beaded jewelry and sell it at craft shows and I can't do any of the lifting. The smallest lifting causes my tailbone to hurt and my upper butt to swell. My upper buttock swells up and hurts if I sit, walk, or stand too long. The pain medicines that I have been given are not helping. The only relief I get is when I am asleep. I have to take Tylenol PM or benydrol to sleep because of the pain. I just need some relieve so I can survive. I just got married in August and our big ceremony is in March and I want to be able to enjoy myself. Life right now is unbearable. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time,

Ms. Derith D. Green

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