Terrible pain after childbirth


Posted 2009-11-08

My name is Galina I live in Ireland and here is my coccyx story. In July 2008 I gave a birth to a wonderful baby boy. He was taken out with vacuum. Soon after the effect of epidural has gone I stated to experience a terrible pain. Few hours after I have been told by midwifes that probably is my coccyx. Never heard of it till then. Suffered more then 8 months. No X-Ray or any other action was taken by any one to help me out. During that time I breastfed my little one in position lying on side.

Finally my GP found for me the www.coccyx.org and this is how I made my decision to visit the Sayer Clinic in London and meet in person Dr. Michael Durtnall (see Doctors and specialists in the UK). The X-Ray was taken immediately, coccydynia was diagnosed and he started the treatment. I visited him 4 times. I couldn't go more because I have got pregnant. My last visit with him was at 10 weeks of pregnancy. he told me there is no more problem with the coccyx itself but the muscles are still very tense, but in that situation he was not able to do more.

At the moment I am 26 weeks with twins There have not been a day to thanks God for Dr. Durtnall. And I am not afraid if something goes wrong with my coccyx in second labour I now where is my cure and who he is.

Thank You Dr. Durtnall. Thank you for everything.

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