Pain when rising from sitting

Kristin -

Posted 2009-02-22

I actually don't know what to do about this. I have had a horrible pain in my tailbone, but only when I get up from sitting down. I find that the longer I sit, the more irritated it gets and the more painful it becomes to stand up. Its been like this now for almost 3 months and seems like its gotten worse over time. Sitting, playing hockey, doing yoga, running, walking...all don't have any effect on it, I only feel it when I stand. I have had an x-ray, which they say shows nothing, and a bone scan which I'm still waiting to get into the doc with that.

Has anybody ever heard of anything like this? The spine guy I'm seeing acts like he doesn't want to deal with it. I went to physical therapy once and they did a "coccyx mobilization". Aside from the actual procedure being uncomfortable and painful, my tailbone was actually twice as bad the next day. I also have been seeing a chiropractor form some time too and she doesn't really know what the deal would be. I would appreciate ANY help as this is something I can't live with and is very painful. Thanks in advance.

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