Doctor won't take the pain seriously

Phil Bryant -

Posted 2009-10-04

I've had this pain in my coccyx for about 3 years now, started to get it at work and just thought it was because I have to sit a lot and thought it was just a bruised bum. Pain was worse when I stood up, the pain just intensified 3 fold for about 5-7 seconds, but recently pain is starting to get unbearable. So I went to the doc's and yes just like other people state and what the web-site says, they think you are making it up or vastly exaggerating the pain.

I have done everything I could think of to get relief, i.e., got a special cushion with hole at back so no pressure on coccyx, taking anti-inflammatory tablets, stand more than sit, bought a tens machine, got some relief but its not curing it though. Just come back today from doc's again, this time my wife told me to be more firmer with them and not just put up with, 'well there is not much we can do' or 'it quite difficult to treat' etc so I was more firmer but polite and got told by the doc that and I quote, 'I'm not sure the pain is physical it might be in your head and you sound quite agitated and aggressive, I think you might need anger management counselling' unquote, of course I was not happy at this attitude taken by the doctor which then did start to make me agitated and angry!!

Also got pain in neck which is totally unconnected with coccyx but the doc said we will look at that first because it might be connected, pain in my neck is just a build up of fibroses I told her but no avail she will not treat me for coccyx until my neck is sorted.

So, just going to have to put up with it for longer now, will let you know what happens, 'if anything'.

Update, 2010-11-28

Finally got an appointment to see a NHS physio from my Doctor. Told the Physio about neck and coccyx pain, he did some manipulation on my neck and said it was just a stiff neck joint and after about 5 minutes it felt better, I then said what about my coccyx, he replied he would look at it at our next appointment in a week.

Next week comes along and he said how is your neck, I replied lot better thanks and with that he just sat there in his chair and looked at the floor, so I said "are you going to look at my coccyx now?", to which he replied, and I quote: "I don't know anything about coccyx's so that just about finishes your treatment, if you could sign this discharge form to say we're finished". I cannot print here what my thoughts was at that moment, suffice to say that images of my hands round his neck goes somewhere near.

Then decided to go to a private Physio and had ultrasound and acupuncture and did get some relief after a few sessions. Since then have noticed a change in pain, whereas before got intense pain when I stood up, now I don't get that, I get deep dull ache in coccyx when in sitting position but now I get a pain just to the left of coccyx when sitting which feels just like I'm sitting on a large marble which is very painful.

So went back to my Doctors again and saw a different doctor from all the others I had seen, he has know referred me to a Spinal specialist and will be seeing him/her mid January 2011.

Will let you know what happens then, (if anything)

Phil Bryant, Portsmouth, U.K.

Update, 2012-09-16

I have wrote on this forum before describing the pain and the problems with the doctors who are just not interested in trying to sort out the problem. But I do believe I am beating this thing. Because as the doctors were unwilling to do hardly anything, I decided to try out a number of things to cure myself. Firstly, I asked my doctor for an X ray of the coccyx area but she said no as she said it would be inconclusive and finally said I could have an MRI scan. I said that I did not want this, just an X ray because I believed it would show more. She still said no, so I had an MRI scan which showed absolutely nothing wrong.

So, I then went to a private clinic and had some acupuncture which after a few sessions did get relief as the initial pain one gets as you stand up or sit was greatly reduced.

Then I paid to have some physiotherapy treatment which started with an x ray and finally I got to see what was causing all the pain for the last 4 years or so. It turned out to be that my hips were slightly out of line and because of that it was pulling my coccyx out of line as well, making the coccyx and sacrum grind against one another every time I stood or sat. When the physiotherapist put the picture up, before he even spoke I could see for myself the wear and tear on the top part of the coccyx and the lower part of the sacrum. He then over about 8 treatments managed to get my hip's more in-line.

Since he had done that the pain from my coccyx has greatly reduced. Also while doing all this I paid for someone to give me deep tissue massage all around the coccyx and lower sacrum area, thus resulting in even more relief. I also bought myself a deep padded office chair for work as they would not supply one.

Now, I'm not saying any one thing sorted out my coccyx. All I know is that one or more or maybe all the treatments combined have resulted in my coccyx being about 80% better than before. So, if anyone out there reads this, then this problem with the hips could be the problem and not directly the coccyx itself. The coccyx is only painful as a result of the hips. Sort the hips out and the coccyx should sort itself out as a result. I hope this helps anyone out there still suffering in agony.

Phil Bryant.

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