Looking for a solution in India

Suresh - suresh6k@gmail.com

Posted 2009-05-10

Hi friends,

This is Suresh from India. Age 30, male. I am suffering with a coccydynia problem. Please help me out what is the best treatment for this. From last 4-5 years I am suffering with this problem. Not able to find the correct doctor in India. And I don't want to take any injections and removal of coccyx. Because as you know that it has lot of risk factors.

Please tell me the correct doctor communication address to treat my problem. Till now I haven't married, about to do that. Kindly help me out. And any other suggestion are welcome.

I am working as a software engineer. Not able to sit and concentrate on work. Please mail me. Waiting for reply.

thanks & regards, Suresh

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