90% relief within 10 minutes

Stephen Wallace / Douglasville, Georgia - wallace06@comcast.net

Posted 2009-10-11

First of all I want to personally thank Jon Miles for developing this site, you just don't know how many people you have helped, including me. I actually only discovered your site just a few short weeks ago after sitting up late one night in pain and misery not being able to sleep. My injury originally happened about two years ago when I fell off a loading dock at work and fell 3 feet straight down on my butt. I ended up with some massive bruises and I was too embarrassed to say anything to my employer about the incident. I had also accepted in my head there was nothing that nobody could probably ever do to fix it anyway, besides who had ever heard of anyone being helped from busting their butt before??

Well after a couple months the pain did ease up a little only to be aggravated at night while trying to sleep, I would wake up almost every morning in misery and my wife who is a nurse would just bitch at me and tell me to go to the Doctor, of course I did not listen. Then just last week I really messed up and slipped going down the stairs into my garage. What a nightmare, every day has been miserable with very little sleep and my wife and kids were telling me that I was so ill, I was getting unbearable to live with.

Luckily I read a story on here where someone mentioned that their local Chiropractor was able to give them relief just by a simple external adjustment. The very next day I called and made an appointment and was seen that afternoon. Within minutes of the Doctor examining me he stated that Coccyx was definitely bent and that it was due to the blunt force of the fall but he felt very confident he could get me fixed and out of pain. Well I am here to say that within 10 minutes and a couple adjustments later the pain was reduced easily by 90% immediately. That night I slept like a baby for the first time in a very long time, I was even able to sleep completely on my back for the whole night. I did go back today for a second adjustment and was told by the Doctor that he probably would not need to see me anymore for this problem.

I live just west of Atlanta and If you are looking for a Doctor that in my performs miracles "at least my butt feels that way" LOL.. You can call Dr. Alan Crumpler (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Georgia) and let his staff know what you are wanting to see him for and they will most likely get you in that day. Dr. Crumpler told me that he has personally worked on well over a hundred patients during his long career with this problem and he believed that he was able to help almost every single person.

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