Coccyx relief after weeks of agony after childbirth

Cathie -

Posted 2009-09-13

My name is Cathie, I am 27 years old and I gave birth seven weeks ago to a beautiful daughter. Due to being given an epidural the pain around my tailbone only became apparent the day after the birth.

I firstly mentioned to the midwives that I was having difficulty feeding my baby because I was in so much pain, my tailbone was grinding every time I moved and made sitting down for longer than 5 minutes impossible. They told me this was perfectly normal and gave me paracetamol. The pain was not subsiding at all so they also gave me codeine which didn't really help either.

As this was my first child I just assumed that this pain was what you had to deal with and that it wasn't something I should make a fuss about. I was discharged after 2 days and due to the pain I was in, had to start bottle feeding so my husband could feed our baby as I was in too much pain to do all the feeds.

I decided to go to the doctor as the pain was not going away at all, in fact it felt like it was getting worse. After two and a half weeks of suffering, my GP prescribed me Dicloflex which she said would help the pain.

Four weeks later, the pain was not going away, I returned to a different GP at my local practice and informed her that the Dicloflex were not helping me at all. She basically couldn't understand why and had no idea what kind of pain I was trying to describe. She suggested that an appointment with a physiotherapist would maybe be a better idea. She then gave me a repeat prescription for Dicloflex.

That weekend I became really ill with sickness etc. due to all the painkillers I had been on. My best friend is a nurse and was horrified when I told her I had been on Dicloflex for over 4 weeks. She said that these will make you very ill if you use for longer than 2 weeks. Apparently when people break a bone they are prescribed these and are closely monitored for a few days until the initial pain becomes easier to deal with.

I then called my doctor after 2 days of severe illness. I was yet again fobbed off being told I would have to wait until my physio appointment came through. I even in a desperate attempt for help called NHS 24 to try and get someone at the hospital to see me. They refused to send me as the pain was prolonged and told me to go back to my GP - AGAIN!!

After a 3rd visit to my GP I broke down in tears and begged her to help me as I just couldn't deal with the pain anymore. At this point she said that the Physiotherapist appointment would take 6 to 8 weeks to come through.

Finally, she referred me to a Gynaecologist at the hospital where I gave birth. He sent me home with paracetamol and tramadol and told me it was muscular!! Even although I highlighted again that my bone was grinding when I moved!! He was nice but somehow did not seem to be aware that my coccyx bone could be dislocated. He also requested an urgent physio appointment which would take 2 to 3 weeks. He told me this was the only way they could see my pain being treated successfully. So after 4 hours at Wishaw General I was still no further forward. I left feeling that no one would ever be able to help me and was distraught.

After weeks of agony and no help from any specialist or doctor in the NHS, I decided to go to Jan De Vries in Troon (a specialist in alternative therapy) (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, South Ayrshire) after successful treatment for a skin condition when I was younger. I explained to him that no one would X Ray my back to see if I had a dislocated coccyx or fractured coccyx and that no doctor even touched my back to find out where the pain was. They simply continued to send me home with stronger painkillers.

Jan De Vries said that dislocated coccyx is very common after childbirth and put me at ease immediately as he said he would be able to help me. He did some acupuncture, heated the coccyx area then felt the bone and confirmed what I thought all along; my coccyx was badly dislocated. He then pressed down and moved the bone back into place. Unbelievable. After 25 mins, he fixed the problem and I am no longer in pain. He told me the swelling would take up to 3 weeks to calm down as the bone had been moved back into place.

I am outraged that the NHS let me down the way it did and that after 3 visits to my GP, a visit to hospital, countless conversations with midwives and a nurse at NHS 24 who told me this was something I would just have to deal with, no one was interested or able to help me.

Please don't suffer any longer with this kind of pain and contact Jan De Vries of you have a similar story to me. He truly is a wonder and has enabled me to enjoy my baby again.

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