Should I ask for a removal?

Anna -

Posted 2009-08-23

I'm Anna, a 23 year old mother, my daughter was born 2005. I first started having pains after my daughter was born, though I cannot remember any pain right after giving birth since my mother was in a severe car crash at the same time so I was in a blur. I could not sit for weeks though, if it was due to my coccyx or simply soreness I cannot tell. I first sought treatment early 2007 and got sent to a physiotherapist after doctor considered and denied corticosteroids. Manual manipulation was tried, but I got no relief - pain increased.

I left it to that, the pain was not extreme and I could sit - but I have since my first pain began been sitting in an awkward way, always a foot underneath my left buttock or skewed in some other way for relief. Sought treatment again year after, the doctor said it was a tendon and not my coccyx though my right side was sore due to the stress of me always leaning that way. Nothing happened, I now found out I had gotten a referral to an orthopedic surgeon but I have no memory of it whatsoever. Sometimes the pain is bigger than usual, if I lay down then and shift my thighs back and forth it pops back into place. Feels weird.

Sought treatment again May 2009, now my pain started to get unbearable, I lost 44 lbs and I am now quite skinny so I guess the loss off fat over the buttocks made it worse. I studied full-time and probably had 10 hours of sitting in front of the computer per day. I still handled the pain, but got painkillers from the doctor while the referral he gave me to a pain management clinic was being worked on. When the painkillers did not work anymore the pain got much more noticeable since for some time I didn't have it.

I have been to the pain management thrice, done x-rays lying down (I pointed out I would like a dynamic x-ray but they would not oblige), x-rays showed no abnormalities. Done 2x blockades in the joint, not sure what anesthetic used, however he said he changed the pH twice to see if it gave better result. It did not, I was numb 8-9 hours the two times tried and then the effect wore off. Then doc decided to try corticosteroids, this too without any effect at all except the 3 days of increased pain. They now scratch their heads wondering what else they can do for me. I asked tentatively for a referral to an orthopedic surgeon, but I'm scared about it at the same time, I can't afford the sick-leave and I have school to handle. I so much wish for this to go away, to be able to have sex with my man without the scare of my tailbone hurting, I wanna sit, be able to stand up. I just want it away. I will ask for a dynamic x-ray again, if they can't do anything for me then I at least want to know what's wrong so I can seek help elsewhere.

Should I ask for a removal? Ask them to try steroids again? I don't know.

That's my story until now, I'm glad I'm not alone with this.

Regards, Anna

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