Finally pain relief without medicine/medical assistance

Steve -

Posted 2009-02-08

I am a male 46 years old with excruciating coccyx pain for approx 6 months. This is the most annoying/disturbing/irritating pain I have experienced short of a tooth ache. I have a job which requires sitting for long periods of time 12 hours. The pain just started to increase to a point where every waking moment was concentrated on the avoidance of irritating my coccyx.

I finally came across a website with this informative information that deals with the relief of Coccyx pain. Please refer to this website:"

It has only been 2 days since I have started these exercises and I can honestly say my pain has decreased considerably. It's funny my butt muscles are a little sore (as expected from not using) but I hardly feel the pain of my coccyx.

Note: the website no longer exists. See 'Anal Lock' on the Exercise page for instruction on how to do this exercise.

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