Relief from coccydynia in Wisconsin

Jay -

Posted 2009-10-11

I had broken my tailbone twice, once shortly after college and the second after being thrown inside an ambulance (I'm a paramedic). I suffered with the pain for over 8 years thinking that nothing could be done (as told by the MANY doctors that I had seen and known). I was looking for a therapist that could just heal me well enough to be wheelchair bound, I had given up and was resolved to the idea that I wouldn't be able to function normally again. I would like to recommend the two professionals who have fixed my problem and allowed me to continue to serve the public as a paramedic.

I found Eliza Andrews of Inspirit Physical Therapy (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Wisconsin). She is a pelvic floor specialist and in the first appointment removed pain that I didn't realize that I had had. Xrays showed that my coccyx was broken in many places and was displaced to 3 separate areas of my posterior. She was able to manually manipulate and return the bones back to alignment. She also had worked extensively to reduce the large amount of internal scarring that resulted.

After about 6 months of manipulation, we tried the first Sacral Coccygeal injection which was placed under fluoroscopy by Dr. John Koch, MD a physiatrist with Prevea Health (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Wisconsin). I had my first injection about 3 years ago and they generally last for about 10 months. I have been pain free between these injections and have been able to do things with the kids as simple as sit pretzel legged on the floor (I hadn't been able to do this since before they were born). I have also been able to take and excel in Karate with my children.

I still see Eliza for Right L5-S1 facette pain as well as she has been kind enough to treat me outside her pelvic floor specialty for Osteoarthritis pain and inferior patellar tendonitis (Her prior practice was in sports medicine).

I would with the greatest recommendation promote these two excellent medical practitioners to your service and would ask that you place listings for them on your referral page. I have also recommended both of them to my sister who fractured her coccyx while downhill skiing. Since she was able to get into them much quicker, her pain has been relieved without the long term care that I required.

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