Very slow progress after the operation

Rose -

Posted 2009-11-08

Your website has been so helpful to me over the last couple of years, I thought it was time I shared my story. I started to feel my coccyx when I sat, around summer of 2007 after I had lost 2 and half stones in weight quite quickly. Gradually I began to get pain when getting up and then when sitting. I first visited the GP in June 2008, she said there wasn't really anything to do for coccyx pain, try resting/anti inflammatory and come back if it doesn't get better.

I went back in September as it was getting gradually worse, she referred me to the physio who said to try hot and cold compresses and staying off it. This made no difference at all.

The pain was as someone else described 'like sitting on pebbles' getting increasingly uncomfortable and making sitting unbearable. It began to change my life, no more cinema, theatre, eating out, long journeys etc. Work was getting very difficult as I sit at a desk all day. I tried many different coccyx cushions but found the thing that worked best for me was sitting on an inflatable neck pillow (as someone on this site suggested).

At the end of November I went off work sick and returned to the GP, I was referred to a spine consultant. I had to wait till Jan for my appointment so in the mean time I went back to work doing half days and taking lots of breaks (my boss is brilliant).

When I saw my consultant, I was so relieved, because he had a lot of experience of patients with coccydinia and was really positive. He said first of all he would manipulate the coccyx and give cortisone injection under general anaesthetic. He said that had a success rate of 70%. Unfortunately I was one of the 30%! Three months later he tried it again, as he said it sometimes worked the second time - not for me! In between I also had 2 MRI scans which I had to ask for, which didn't show up anything

He then suggested removing the coccyx, he said he had done the procedure many times. He said it was a tricky operation but in his hands it was ok. He had never had anyone have an infection and the success rate of being completely pain free afterwards was about 60%. I liked his confidence and after talking it over with my husband and reading lots of personal stories on your site, I decided I had to try it.

I'm now 11 weeks post op, it's very very slow progress. The old pain has gone I think, so I feel positive about that. But I still have a lot of pain inside and can't sit longer than about 20 minutes and therefore not yet back at work. I'd love to hear from anyone who has had the op, was still in a lot of pain at this stage, but went on to recover.

Thanks to everyone for contributing and I wish you all well.


Preston, England

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