Injured again after coccyx surgery

Debbie -

Posted 2009-08-02

After many years of tailbone injuries (including 3 different breaks) I had my coccyx removed 5 years ago. Although I was not completely pain free, I was able to return to my normal routines. This past November I took a nasty fall on the ice, and without having a tailbone the impact was all on the sacrum (I also managed to break a wrist in the process). After x-rays a CT scan (and 2 different opinions on whether or not there was a fracture to the sacrum - due to the way the coccyx surgery was showing up on the CT scan) the conclusion was 'significant trauma' to the sacrum with no apparent break.

9 months later and the pain continues to interfere with my everyday living, my quality of life is almost back to my pre surgery days (fight the pain all day at work and then head home directly to bed). I'm wondering if anyone else who has had the tailbone removed has had a similar injury, and/or if anyone can give some suggestions on what I can do, if I should be seeing a doctor, or simply words of encouragement.

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