Neurological coccydinia

Lynne Lawrence -

Posted 2009-01-11

Dear fellow sufferers

I have suffered from Neurological Coccydinia fro 6 months, I have seen a excellent pain manager in London England but after 6 nerve block injections and various electronic stimulation, I am still suffering from the pain. I am now taking Pregabalin 450 ml - 600 ml per day which has reduced the pain in the surrounding tissue, but the pain in the coccyx bone still remains.

I have had a MRI and there is not damage to my spine or Coccyx so this condition is purely neurological. I obtained this condition by sitting on a stool for a number of hours painting water colours as I am a armature artist. My consultant is not recommending surgery as he has treated many patients that have undertaken surgery and still suffer, some even worse. He is now suggesting some come of stimulation wire to be attached to my spine to try and eliminate the pain.

If anyone who reads this has had a similar problem with this type of coccyidinia, please offer your suggestions.

Lynne Lawrence

Update, 2009-05-24

I wanted to update you with my current status after almost one year of coccyx pain.

My condition is Neurological coccydinia, I do not have any fracture or any problem with the structure/ bone of my coccyx. The pain is in the nerves.

After 6 sessions in hospital having various type of pain block injections, a very strong course of Lyrica and now Acupuncture, I am now back to square one. The acupuncture really helped me for a short period, but my lovely acupuncture Dr in Hoddesdon Herts (UK) suddenly left the practice and has been replaced.

I have tried to come off the lyrica as I had been taking a high dose for 6 months and I did not want to stay on that drug. The pain is now returning and I am at my wits end. The Pain Manager that I am with has suggested neuro modulation, where a wire is inserted in my spine attached to a battery pack! This just sounds so horrific that I am very nervous.

No other ideas have been suggested and when I have mentioned certain names I have been told they are surgeons and he does not prescribe to removing the coccyx.

I am interested in any other suggestions, and note that other practitioners have been used by some, do I try this?


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