Severe pain after weight loss

Ed -

Posted 2009-01-11

Two years ago I had an ATV accident that injured my coccyx. I was in severe pain when sitting for several months, which gradually got better and finally went away. Then 6 months ago I had Gastric Bypass and have lost 120 pounds. Well, now I'm in agony again when sitting or lying on my back. My GP just kinda brushed me off when I asked her about it. She said it is due to me losing the fat in my buttocks and I should get a donut cushion. Well, that didn't help so through research I found this web site.

My question is: has anyone else experienced a similar issue with returning pain after weight loss, and what did you do to relieve it?

Note from Jon Miles According to Caroline Martin, coccyx pain is very common after gastric bypass surgery. It can be caused by a number of other surgical procedures as well - see Coccyx pain caused by previous medical procedures.

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