Pain in coccyx bone

Rakesh -

Posted 2009-04-19

I have a pain in the coccyx bone. The sacro coccyx lateral view bone x-ray revealed there is a small crack in that bone. There is no pain while urinating or passing motion. My orthopaedician gave me an injection named depemedrol in that area and asked me sit on a ring type of cushion for the next 6 months, and also take a bath tub and put the cushion and take a warm water and sit on that area for 10 minutes. Do this thrice in a day.

Will this treatment heal the bone? I browsed through various websites and they suggested the worst case is to remove the coccyx bone. Will I be able to work after the removal of the bone? I need to be standing for 10 hours everyday.

I have been checking to various doctors and various hospitals like Apollo Hospital in New Delhi, Indian Spinal Cord In New Delhi, and Orthopaedics doctor in Janak Puri.

The Apollo hospital doctor gave me an injection in my coccyx bone, but the pain is still there. All the doctors in new Delhi suggest surgery is the last option, but in surgery there is a 50 : 50 chance. They are not sure that after removing the coccyx bone it will not get pain again. The coccyx bone attached to the spinal cord, and during surgery if they remove the coccyx bone it will hurt your spinal cord. During surgery when they remove the coccyx bone if on that time if one of the bone in spinal cord will be touched .then patients will go on coma. paralysis or may be a system failure....

Kindly suggest me what to do in this matter..... till date three years I got a pain in my coccyx bone.. all the doctors in Delhi failed to solve my problem........

Thanx & Regards

Note from Jon Miles - Contrary to what Rakesh was told, the spinal cord does not reach as far as the coccyx, so removal of the coccyx should never damage the spinal cord.

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