Coccyx surgery for giant cell tumor

Janis -

Posted 2009-03-01

Well, mine started back in 2007 with a pain in my lower back. I had all the tests, x-ray, showed nothing, bone scan, nothing, cat scan, nothing...finally an MRI was done and showed a giant cell tumor (non-cancerous) wrapped around my tailbone. I went in May 15, 2008 for surgery. Got out about a week later. Within 10 days, my incision was opening up... staph infection. I had to go back in and they cleaned it out and put 10 stitches up my buttock crack. Everything was we thought. I returned to work 6 weeks later, June 30th, then on August 6th while having a conversation with a neighboring cubbie-mate, I looked down and there was a pile of 'pus' on my chair floor mat. How gross was that? I didn't feel anything because my rear is STILL numb to this day.

I immediately called the doctor's office and they said to get in right away. I had an infection, again...they didn't do surgery for 5 days in order to treat the infection killed with antibiotics and then they operated and attached a wound vac to my rear. I had that on for 6 weeks...what fun that is? NOT! I finally returned to work October 10th and so far, so good.

But I have psoriasis and it attached to my rear...and my I'm still fearful that it will happen again and not be able to feel it. Always checking it. I am on vicoden daily because of the hip pain from it.

If anyone knows of any stretching exercises or anything I can do to get some relief, I would appreciate it. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures...not a pretty sight anyway.

It's been 9 months now...I'm over it. I'm thinking I shouldn't have had it done in the first place. Does it ever get better?


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