Nerve block for coccyx pain?

Michelle -

Posted 2009-11-15

I am a 42 year old female and about a year ago I started noticing slight pain in my coccyx area and it appeared that my bone was bulging out of my back. As the year went on the pain increased. It felt like my coccyx was actually going to poke through my skin with a burning/stabbing pain - I even got a decubitis ulcer over that area. I saw my family Dr. and she did Lumbar X-rays that showed nothing. Then I went to a spine specialist - He was a D.O. - he blamed it on my weight because I am skinny. Don't see a D.O.!

So I did some research and ended up at the Spine Team of Texas where they did an MRI and found what he said appeared to be arthritis in that area and started doing steroid injections. The pain would subside for about a week then come back full force. He has now done 2 trial runs where he temporarily blocks the nerves from my sacrum to my coccyx - which gives me full relief for about a week.

I recently had bloodwork done and my ANA Titer came back positive and my Rheumatoid Factor came back high so I assume that's what's causing this. My pain level stay's around a 9 and after the temporary nerve block - drops to a 2. I am scheduled to have the nerves permanently blocked in about a month. The Dr. says this will last for about a year to a year and a half because the nerves will grow back. Has anyone had this done and if so what was your experience with it?

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