Something keeps popping out of place

Jennifer -

Posted 2009-08-02

Hm.. Where to start. OK my name is Jennifer and I am 19 years old and I live in Houston, tx.

I'm going to start from where I think it all started. In high school I was a cheerleader for 3 years my first year was when I was 15. That year I was at a football game cheering in the sidelines when a football player from the opposite team tackled me (it was a complete accident, he was trying to catch the ball from behind and I was in the way). At the moment he tackled me I flew and hit the concrete and landed on my lower back and then scraped all my side I went unconscious. Seconds later I woke up and jumped up like nothing happen I wasn't feeling any pain except for my elbow and knee which were scratched up nothing major for the rest for the night I felt no pain until I went home my lower back felt like a giant bruise but I didn't think anything of it.

So years past and I was still in cheerleading and I would get pains now and then on my lower back but nothing ibuprofen couldn't fix. About a year ago I graduated high school and it all when down hill from there.

I started getting lower back pains and out of nowhere (I was bending down) felt a shock go thru my body and I felt something pop out of place. The only way I can try to describe it is if u get one of ur fingers and instead of popping ur knuckle downward pop it side ways (which u cant, you'll break it off) just the movement of it is what I felt but with pain. So I pulled myself back up and it popped back into place and I felt a shock go thru my body again, since it only happened once I didn't think anything of it.

A couple of months later I would get another pop I just maybe thought it was a movement I did but thruout the year it became from rare (once every3 months)to occasionally (once ever month)to sometimes (once a week)to all the time (2-3 times a day), and did the elapse time it started of at a second, to a minute, to a couple minutes now it takes me up to 2 hours to pop it back into place and what I have to do is sit on my right butt cheek and slowly and I mean slowly shift my weight from the right to the left butt cheek and right in between is where I felt it pop into place.

Honestly, the reason I didn't go to a doctor was because I didn't have health insurance and it was going to be expensive, one of my brother recommended a chiropractor and he helps cash patients with payment plans so I went, he told me if I could pop my back on purpose so they could do x-rays (I cant do it on q) so I had to pick up something heavy and it popped but it didn't pop all the way it popped half way so they did the x-rays and the doctor said nothing was wrong with me and that I needed health insurance bc theres no way I could fix it.

So I left and I cried, bc there no possible way my fathers deceased and my mother is unemployed and I work as a part-time cashier with no car so theres no way I can move to another job with benefits.

Its the most horrible pain anyone could ask for and especially when I have really bad anxiety and not to mention suicidal too, so every time it pops I start hyperventilating and crying and sobbing uncontrollably. I don't know what to do this is my cry for help if theres anyone that knows a doctor that can at least tell me what's wrong with meI would appreciate it or anyone thats going thru the same thing plz contact me.

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