Coccyx pain after losing weight

Sally Gunn -

Posted 2009-11-01


I have suffered for 10 years of pain with coccydynia, at one point a spur developed on the tail bone which caused me a lot of pain, I could not sit, lie, or stand without pain, sometimes it felt like I had been stabbed with a broken glass, then had lemon juice rubbed into the area. I am now 47, have never been pregnant, never had a fall. I did lose 4 stone, due to diet and exercise, which the specialist said may have been the cause.

I have had acupuncture, over years, two cortisone injections, into my coccyx which relieved the pain, for 6 months, the specialist was hesitant about removing the coccyx, which cannot guarantee, you will be pain free after.

By chance I saw an article in the paper problem page - the doctor suggested ultra sound. After a visit to my GP with the article I have had 6 weekly sessions, at my local hospital for 5 minutes which I started in June, the results have been fantastic, the procedure is pain free, I will keep you informed, fingers crossed!!

Yours sincerely

Sally Gunn

Update, 2010-05-02

I started ultra sound therapy in June 2009, suffered for many years with coccyxdenia, had 7 sessions now pain free, any one in pain, go to GP and ask for ultra sound NOW!!

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