Treatment for coccydynia in India

Sanjeev -

Posted 2009-08-23

I was feeling pain in my tail bone for last three years. 4-5 Doctors (in Orissa) were not able to diagnose what the problem is. Finally I found a senior Doctor in Allahabad (India) {My native place} and he told me that it is coccydynia and now the treatment is started. I have told to leave non-veg completely. I am having pain in standing also (1.5-2 hrs). I think my pain was started due to stress of more biking (65-70 km per day) on rough roads for two months regularly. Now I am taking medicines, i.e.


2.Indocap SR7

3. Supanac Tab Reddy S Diclofenac

4. Esoz D 40 Mg Tab

Let me see what it does, all this is for 21 days.

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