Seated x-ray revealed a major dislocation in my coccyx

Henry -

Posted 2009-01-25

I have suffered for seven years with major buttocks pain while sitting. I cannot sit at all without special cut out cushions. Six months ago the pain was so bad while driving in my car that I put the seat in recline to ease the pain. I did this for a week and it resulted in severe tailbone pain, most while lying on my back. Dozens of doctors, procedures and therapy during the seven years including two laminectomies in 2001. The first one - large extruded disk at L4-5 and later L5-S1 on the other side. I think these could have been from a bad fall on my buttocks while playing ice hockey.

January 2009 - After discussing my problem via email with Dr. Patrick Foye (Newark, NJ see Doctors and specialists in the USA), I met with him on January 9, 2009. A simple seated x-ray with a top down view revealed a major dislocation in my coccyx. He thinks the dislocation has been responsible directly or indirectly for all the pain I have suffered. He immediately informed me that I most likely would need coccyx surgery - he tried a fluoroscopic guided injection for relief, however I have felt no change.

I am now contemplating coccyx surgery.

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