35 years of pain

Jeffrey Stevens - jeffrey19552002@yahoo.com

Posted 2009-10-11

Hello, My name is Jeffrey Stevens. I have had 35 to 40 years of severe back pain, to the point that when there was a flare up, I could do nothing but stay out of work, curled up on the bed rocking back and forth, praying too. I am 53 years old, was not ready to take my life, but damn, sometimes I really thought hard, I have lost who I was because of this pain, even lost all feeling in my toes over the years, both feet.

I have been to many so-called pain specialist, they are there to milk you of your money. The last one was in Hickory, went there for 4 years, told them all the time that my tail bone is being ripped out. They took tests, more tests, many injections, never looking below my waist. One even went as far as to say you are just too fat, lose weight and I promise it will go away, well it didn't.

As many of you know, it is hard to do anything when you hurt all the time, esp exercise, man, no way. So I went to a new phys and was telling him my problem, he said have you seen a tailbone specialist, I said never heard of them. He scheduled me for an appointment with Dr. Ed Hanley (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, North Carolina). He poked me once, I came off the ground. We talked and he said I had 3 choices, leave it, injections (he said no, they really won't help me), so I said do the cutting.

Never had to be under a knife before at the age of 53, I was chicken. My surgery was Aug. 10 and today is Oct. 9th, I go back to work Oct 12th. Oh my, I am alive with NO LEG pain, NO BACK or TAILBONE pain, I still can't walk fast, still sit on pillows at times.

I would do this again in a heart beat. If you are even wondering, thinking about the procedure, do it . . piece of cake, really was. I was on pain pills for 3, maybe 4 days, then I took 4 ibuprofen, I still take em but only when I need them. Last time today I took them was this morning when I got up. It is 4 am and I just took 4 ibuprofen.

So please if you have been told that there is nothing wrong, go see Dr. Hanley. My future is getting better everyday, I have energy. I want to even go back to deer hunting, and fishing.

Thanks for listening

Sincerely Jeffrey M. Stevens

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