Success with Dr. Sandler


Posted 2009-06-14

I am thrilled to be able to say that my coccyx pain has gone !!!! Thanks to Dr. Steven Sandler, the magician !!

I fell heavily onto my coccyx almost 5 years ago. My constant pain was diagnosed as Coccydynia 6 months later. An MRI revealed that there was misalignment and subluxation, it was leaning to the right.

I have not been able to sit for more than 2 mins since my accident. This meant I could not sit to eat my meals or to read, watch TV, travel, go for a meal or to see a film or a band etc.....

In fact I spent 5 yrs lying on one side or the other and hardly ever went out as it meant lying down on the back seat and suffering more pain over every road hump etc. As I also have pubic arthritis and Fibromyalgia which affects my walking and standing and I am in a lot of pain all day everyday anyway. Not being able to sit made my life a complete misery.

I read Susie's story on this site, about a year ago and wished I had the nerve to try internal manipulation as it worked for her. Then I decided to see an Osteopath as nothing else had helped my pains. My local Osteo David Canevero told me about Dr. Sandler (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) and how good he is at solving coccyx pain. He even gave me his phone number !. I got home intrigued and re-read Susies story on this site and realised, to my delight, that she saw the same Dr. Steven Sandler that David had recommended for me.

I got an appt at his London clinic for 2 weeks later and was thrilled when Dr. Sandler examined me and said he thought he could manipulate my coccyx back into position and did I want to do the procedure now!! Of course I said yes and he told me what this meant. It happened exactly as Susie says. One minute later he said " that's it, its back in position "

It didn't hurt just felt weird, so I sat up and realised straight away that things were better.

I think I said " wow, there's something missing, it's the pain". I then sat on a chair with both buttocks on the seat and no pain, you can imagine how happy I was, my daughter said she had seen a miracle!!

It cost only 90 for this miracle, Dr Sandler said that my coccyx had been forced forward and to the right and was a bad injury, no wonder I was in so much pain.

I saw him again a week later and my coccyx is still exactly where it should be. I am so happy to be able to sit properly again and have been sitting in the front seat of the car since. One month later and the sore muscles have eased and I am going out for a meal tonight to celebrate.

I would recommend him to anyone who has coccydynia, the procedure is quick and is not embarrassing or painful.

regards Jean

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