Success with manipulation


Posted 2009-01-25

My coccyx started giving me pain half way through a long haul return journey - flying with my 10 month old son on my lap. The pain became excruciating and I had to stand up every 20 minutes for the remaining 10 hours of the flight. From that moment on I had to stand up every 20 minutes if I had been sitting. I do not have a sit-down job, so I was fortunate in that respect, but I do fly a lot with my work.

I thought it would be a straight forward problem and that my doctor could advise me who to see. I saw doctors, physios, osteopaths and went for acupuncture. Nothing helped and they all told me the same thing. There was no way of fixing it and that I would need to carry a cushion with me to lessen the pain. It was so depressing and hopeless and I just couldn't believe that it could not be helped.

Dr Durtnall at Sayer Clinic (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) completely changed that. He listened to how it happened, how frequent the pain was, the intensity, how long it took to ease after standing. The treatment procedure itself isn't that bad - not compared to having a pain that infringes on every aspect your life. After the first session my pain was reduced by 70% and I could sit for more than an hour before it started. I have become more aware of my posture and my pain has continued to decrease.

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