Anyone share this discomfort?

Anonymous -

Posted 2009-08-23

My butt pain started 2 months ago... I figured it was from bike rides since summer was here... but it never went away. My pain is not sharp, nor something advil helps... its a dull ACHE, which does not allow me to sit without discomfort... not pain, but just discomfort. The ache is at my coccyx. I can sit forward and lower on my butt, with less discomfort, but when I sit back, I just HAVE to roll to a side, or lay on my stomach. Its so hard to explain, cause I have no sharp pains, or pain to the touch. Just when I sit... and it gets worse if I'm sitting for any longer period of time.

I have stopped riding my bike longer than 30 minutes a week... if that. I have had no injuries except for the following: 7 years ago I was on a boat. It was a little boat that hit a wave I flew up and landed on my coccyx. I thought I was paralyzed... I finally got up, never saw a Dr but couldn't even hop for like 2 months! After that though... .no problems/pain.

Then about 3 years ago a tiny auto accident where 2 days after I had upper back spasms... .had x rays and p/t with no pain any more... I'm not sure if any of that could come and haunt me NOW???? It's getting unbearable.

I made an appt with an orthopedic surgeon/Dr. Anyone share this discomfort?

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